The Revolution Youth Council Commemorates the first 100 days of demonstrations with a dash the length of the demonstration grounds in Ramadi after which medals were awarded to the winners in the race. This 100 days is also to remind Maliki of the 100 days he requested from the demonstrators of the 2024 demonstrations which resulted in persecution to all those who demanded their rights.

Adhamiyah Baghdad March 29 2024

Ramadi Ramadi

Adhamiya Abu Hanifa Mosque Friday 29/03/2013

Amiriya Friday 03/29/2013

Aana Aana
Tikrit Tirkit
Samarra Jalawla
Kirkuk Kirkuk
Fallujah Fallujah
Dulliyah Baquba
Beiji Beiji
Ameriyah Adamiyah Baghdad
Adamiyah Baghdad Adamiyah Baghdad



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