After Hawija 23 April: The Iraqi Revolution Continues!

by Iraqi Spring Media Center on 24-04-2013

Summary of the most important events on 23 April 2013, in the aftermath of the onslaught on Hawija by Maliki's Government Forces, leaving at least 50 people dead and hundreds wounded.

Summary of Events of the Iraqi Popular Revolution

by Iraqi Spring Media Center on 06-04-2013

Friday 5th April 2013 Torture and Executions are the Reality of the Regime Friday

Sheikh Harith Al-Dhari's letter to the BRussells Tribunal

by Harith Sulaiman Al-Dhari on 02-04-2013

On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the American Occupation and in recognition of all your good and well-meaning efforts in the service of humanitarian issues, including that of lraq, we are writing you the following message with the hope that it will be dealt with in a fitting manner that serves our cause.

In a recent visit to Istanbul I experienced both hope and growing optimism that Ayse Berktay, the recipient of the 2013 BRussels Tribunal Solidarity Award might soon be released.

L'histoire r�cente de l'Irak comporte deux �v�nements de lourde port�e, l'invasion du Koweït par l'Irak le 2 août 2003 et l'invasion de l�Irak par les �tats-Unis et le Royaume-Uni. Que des leaders politiques tirent des le�ons de ces �v�nements ce serait, au mieux, douteux. On continue à faire du tort aux Irakiens. Le danger de perdre la vie et la tourmente restent une part cruelle de la r�alit� de l�Irak au d�but de 2013. La souffrance collective d'une nation est manifeste et partout r�pandue. Elle ne peut être cach�e.

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