Global index confirms that Iraq is one of the top ten countries in corruption and money laundering.

In the capital, Baghdad, killed and wounded 109 people as a result of non-stop deadly bombings and attacks
Series of car bombs hits the capital Baghdad on Wednesday, 5 car bombs, killing at least 30 people and wounding no less than 66 others, including a number of elements of the government police in the areas of (New Baghdad), (Ghadeer) and (Mashtal) east and south of the capital Baghdad.
Also, an owner of a private electric generator was killed and its operator was injured in an armed attack was targeted them on Wednesday morning, where unidentified gunmen opened fire with automatic weapons on the owner and the operator of that generator in the area (Zafaraniya) southeast of the capital.
Three people were killed and five others were injured when a roadside bomb exploded Wednesday morning near Alwa Rasheed for the sale of fruits and vegetables in the neighborhood (Abu Dshir) of the area (Dora) south of Baghdad
In the other hand, the killing of a doctor working in a hospital in the "City of Medicine" - did not mention his name - and his wife injured when an adhesive bomb exploded in their car Wednesday morning in the area (Bounok) east of the capital
While a government policeman killed following an armed attack was targeted on Wednesday evening in the area (Baladiyat) east of Baghdad

In Anbar, the continued government shelling and a blast; killing and wounding 12, including a number of governmental policemen, including a senior officer
A woman was killed and seven civilians wounded, including two children, were injured seriously, due to government's airstrikes and continued artillery on Wednesday on a number of residential areas inside Fallujah.
But in the city of Ramadi was injured (Fred Fahdawi) police chief in Anbar province, and three of his bodyguards injured in a roadside bomb targeted his motorcade on Wednesday east of the city center Anbar province.

Global index confirms that Iraq is one of the top ten countries in corruption and money laundering
Citing the Basel Institute on Governance, an independent not-for-profit competence centre specialised in corruption prevention and public governance, corporate governance and compliance, anti-money laundering, criminal law enforcement and the recovery of stolen assets, said on Tuesday that Iraq is on the list of the weakest ten countries in the world on measures to combat money laundering and the level of transparency of accounts of public spending and weak legal authority, and the most vulnerable to be used in the financing of "terrorism", as well as the presence of other factors related to the low level of transparency in place in the accounts of public spending, and the weakness of its legal authority.

In Wasit Province, killing and wounding ten people in two separate incidents
Six people were killed and four others wounded as a result of an armed attack and a roadside bomb in two separate places on Tuesday evening north and west of the city of Kut.
A government security source in the governorate said: Unidentified gunmen have stormed last night a house in the village (Aljeheshat) affiliated to the district (Essaouira) north of Kut, and opened fire on the family, which led to the killing of three men and a woman, while an explosive device which exploded last night inside a house in the neighborhood (Jihad) west of Kut, killing of two civilians and wounding four others were injured, and causing material damage to the home.

Injury (17) militiamen of the "sectarian build-up" in clashes south of Tikrit
Injured (17) militiamen of the "sectarian build-up" various injuries following the clashes with tribal revolutionaries Wednesday afternoon in the area (Alzlayah) south of the city of Tikrit, the center of the province of Salahuddin.

Uniformed gunmen abduct government employees southeast of Kirkuk city
A group of gunmen wearing government military uniforms Tuesday evening has carried out the abduction of a staff of the North Oil Company (Samir Wazer) southeast of the city of Kirkuk, the center of Ta'mim province and forced him at gunpoint, and took him to an unknown destination.



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