“The situation of women prisoners is a tragedy and there are many indications that cases of rape have become the rule rather than the exception.”

The Justice Department scrambled to deny responsibility for “any violation”.

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With criticized specialists women’s rights to prevent activists in the defense of the rights of women to visit Kadhimiya Prison, and promised that the measure violates the principle of transparency in dealings confirmed women’s organizations and a rape in Iraqi prisons, while the form of the Parliament for an independent inquiry of the “Committees of human rights and family and childhood” , and is supposed to begin its work next week.

The Organization “Hammurabi Human Rights” announced in a report that some of the inmates reported the “rape and torture during the investigation stage and beyond.” The Justice Department scrambled Thursday to deny responsibility for “any violation”. Announced in a statement that it “is not responsible for the prisoners were tortured and raped to obtain confessions,” pointing out that “interrogation operations conducted in prisons belonging to the ministries of defense and interior.”

The secretary said the organization “Hope” Hana Lador “tragic situation of women prisoners and there are many indications that cases of rape have become the rule rather than the exception.” She added that “the Ministry of Justice and the prison administration turned finally to the need to develop a cadre of feminist to be responsible for the defendants either during the investigation or after conviction,” arguing that “this will not be enough, because some policewomen who are responsible for prisons may engage brokerages.”

She added that “required that prisons are open to civil society organizations to provide rehabilitative services to inmates and monitors gave birth.” And increased: “Even when you visit the Hammurabi Organization of Prisons had with representatives from the Ministry of Human Rights, to have been given a short time is not allowed to stand on the situation of women prisoners.” She added: “We will not visit an exhibition of prisons and we do not want to visit to visit, but that it should allow us to meet prisoners in private and that is giving us enough time to study their nature and provide rehabilitation programs for them.”

In turn, demanded president of “Women for Peace” Shatha Naji b “Open women’s prisons in front of local and international organizations,” and denied that “be visited prisons or have statistics or information about cases of rape and torture,” she said: “We hear about things like this through media leaks.”

The chairwoman of the “Committee for Family, Children parliamentary” victory Ali Khudair that “Parliament has formed a committee of joint investigation of the committees of human rights and family and childhood,” indicating that it “will start work next week and will make unannounced visits to prisons and detention of women.”

The deputy of the Iraqi coalition collected signatures of 50 MPs are demanding an investigation into human rights violations in the detention of women, especially with regard to torture and rape. She explained that the “Committee for the family and childhood got on the order of the Presidium of Parliament to visit prisons suddenly and without taking approval of the Ministry of Justice or the ministries of interior and defense.” It stressed that “the Committee will meet separately with each prisoner to find out the real, because this topic immoral Iraqi and Arab can not be silent about it or let it go, but must provide done justice to just take his punishment.”

Khudair acknowledged “the difficulty of the task of the Commission because the fear of scandal and traditions of our society prevent many of the inmates of recognition was subjected to rape.” The organization “Human Rights Watch” accused the government last May to “return Iraq to the totalitarian rule and torture of detainees.”

A spokesman for the Kurdistan Alliance bloc supporter Tayeb Qalan “prevent activists in the defense of women’s rights of access to the Kadhimiya Prison constitutes a breach of the principle of transparency in dealings,” noting that “the Justice Department to open its prisons to all parties for the purpose of knowing the reality of those prisons and discredit what echoes of the existence of cases of torture of prisoners.”

He added that the “Do not allow the organizations concerned to enter prisons will generate everyone has doubts the existence of transactions in the prisons of violations of human rights,” he said, adding that “the Ministry of Justice to open all prisons on the grounds that the problem of lack of readiness of the infrastructure of some prisons issue unusual.

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