A Day in Iraq

by Tadhamun-Iraqi Women Solidarity on 19-02-2013

Join us in this Conference to see the reality of 'A day in Iraq' from the political, economic, and cultural perspective.


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5 April 2013 (2:00 – 21:00 PM) at Bolivar Hall, 54-56 Grafton Way, London WT1 5LD

Ten years on the invasion and occupation of Iraq in 2003, Iraqis are still suffering the destruction of their state, infrastructure, and society.  Although the direct US/UK occupation has ended, the occupiers have left behind corrupt and brutal security forces, a government based on ethnic divisions, a broken legal system and a divisive political process. Iraq remains “in a state of low-level war”. Meanwhile, its massive oil wealth is being squandered.
Join us in this Conference to see the reality of 'A day in Iraq' from the political, economic, and cultural perspective. There will be testimonies by Iraqi women, researchers, writers, artists and activists who will shed light on the results of a decade of so-called Western democratization.  The aim of the Conference is to maintain solidarity with Iraqi people, particularly women, and to pursue justice for Iraq in the World Courts through the implementation of international law.

During the day, we will launch “And peace be upon you O Fallujah”: A CD with 20 pages booklet which is an audio collage of Iraqi – non Iraqi poetry, songs, music, testimonies, and news clips with the persistent sound of US apaches hovering in the skies above the people of Iraq. It tells the story of Fallujah, A city that has become a symbol of the destruction caused to Iraq by Anglo American war and occupation reminding us of an earlier barbarism – Guernica.  For more information please visit:  http://solidarityiraq.blogspot.co.uk/


 Dr Ghanem Wahida (consultant archeologist)
 Dr Sana Al-Khayyat (Independent academic)
 Dr Sawsan Al-Assaf (Board Member - Peace Building Academy For Middle East-Beirut)
 Dr Lutz Oette (Counsel at REDRESS & Lecturer at SOAS, University of London)
 Sabah Al-Mukhtar (President / Arab Lawyers Association - UK)
 Dirk Adriaensens (member of the executive committee of the BRussells Tribunal)
 Mundher Al-Adhami (Iraqi academic)
 Dr Dora Carpenter Latiri (lecturer university of Brighton)
 Greg Muttitt (author of “Fuel on the Fire: Oil & Politics in Occupied Iraq”)
 Zina Ramzi (performing artist)
 Suha Al Khayyat (Co-director of  Little Fish Theatre Company)
 Khatchatur Pilikian (painter, performing & a recording musician)
 Rashad Salim (artist & cultural researcher)
 Anne Aylor (novelist & playwright)
 Narmin Zangana (Iraqi pianist)
 Dr Nawal Al-Obaidi (Founding Trustee of International Action for Iraqi Refugees)
 Ian Sinclair author of  “The march that shook Blair”
 Euan Donaldson (filmmaker)
 Nicholas Wood of “Blair War Crimes Foundation”
 Milan Rai (co-editor of Peace News & founder of  Voices in the Wilderness UK)
 Zainab Khan (founding member of Tadhamun - Iraqi Women Solidarity)
 Sami Moukaddem (musician & activist)
 David Wilson (Director of BareBone Books, London)
 Haifa Zangana (author & activist)

The Event will include: Drama & Music Performance, Book Stall & Photo Exhibition showing some aspects of Iraqi daily life since the invasion in 2003.

Transport: Warren Street; Click here for directions; T: 07989861380 / 02073876727

Refreshments will be served - All Welcome

Organized by “Tadhamun” تضامن (Iraqi Women Solidarity)

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