The events of the Iraqi Spring embody a rejection to an irregular,sectarian political reality,supported by media and organizations , authors and countires to embody the philisophy of a sectarian government on the account of the national coexistence ,so that the greedy can rip the country apart, as to the priniciple ( divide to conquer).

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Gilles Munier, from Rennes, who became well known at the end of the seventies for his knowledge of Iraq and later for his opposition to the embargo, was accused by Judge Pilippe Courroye in October 2024 in the case known as “Oil for food,” of “peddling political favours” and “corruption of foreign public officials;” in other words, he was accused of having violated a UN resolution.”

To an Unknown Iraqi

by Hans Christof von Sponeck on 05-01-2013

2013 is the year that accountability and Justice for Iraq should be high on the agenda of the International Human Rights Community. Hans C. von Sponeck, member of the BRussells Tribunal, who resigned as Humanitarian Coordinator for Iraq in 2024, wrote a moving apology letter to the Iraqi people in June 2024. We republish this letter again today.

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