Elite Intrigues: Itís Not About Sex, Stupid!

by James Petras on 22-11-2012

The purge of General Petraeus and humiliation of General Allen is a victory for the civilian militarists who are unconditional supporters of Israel and therefore oppose any opening to Ďmoderateí Islamist regimes. They want a long-term and expanded US military presence in Afghanistan and elsewhere.

In light of Israelís recent large scale military bombardment of the besieged Gaza Strip, the Palestinian Medical Relief Society (PMRS) calls on international non-governmental institutions, as well as all levels of international civil society, to act immediately to pressure Israel to stop the aggression on the people of Gaza and to allocate aid assistance and disaster relief to the Stripís 1.6 million people.

The Human Rights Department of the Association of Muslims Scholars confirms the arrest of 1435 citizens during the past month. - The Association of Muslim Scholars in Iraq - Baghdad Headquarters.

In May, construction firms paid by Iraq's Education Ministry began tearing down hundreds of old school buildings across the country under contracts requiring the companies to build bigger schools. But the new schools have not been built and now the ministry says it doesn't have funds for new buildings. The full extent of the blunder became apparent this week with the start of Iraq's new school year.


by Cathy Breen on 27-10-2012

Najaf, Iraq - Here is another piece of Cathy Breen's daily journal in Iraq. Weather is getting cooler which is very nice.

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