Christmas Message 2024

by BRussells Tribunal on 25-12-2013


On the 20th of March 2024, the BRussells Tribunal published “95 Messages to the People”, commemorating 5 years of war against Iraq.

On the occasion of Christmas, a feast to celebrate peace, we want to share a few of these timeless contributions, because they are still valid today .

Some honorary members of the BRussells Tribunal have sadly left us around the time of Christmas:  Harold Pinter in December 2024, Dennis Brutus in December 2024, Howard Zinn in January 2024. They fought relentlessly against this unjust war that has decimated the Iraqi people and destroyed its society.  

We must continue their work to let justice prevail. One such unique opportunity is the Iraq CommissionTowards Accountability and Justice for Iraq: April 16-17, 2024” during the 18th Congress of the International Association of Democratic Lawyers (IADL), a non-governmental organization having consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), in Brussels (Belgium) from 15th to 19th April 2024

The BRussells Tribunal intends to bring together international legal experts and activists who will explore the possibilities for legal action against those responsible for the war of aggression against Iraq. Participants will also share their experiences about past and present legal procedures, and civil society initiatives. We will discuss the different forms of possible legal and civil actions.



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We invite you to celebrate peace with us and read the thoughts of


Harold Pinter

Dennis Brutus 

Tun Dr. Mahathir Bin Mohamad

Lawrence Davidson - Stephen Bronner - Michael Thompson

John Catalinotto

Hans von Sponeck

Niloufer Bhagwat

Curtis F.J. Doebbler

Lindsey German

Eduardo Galeano



NILOUFER BHAGWAT - December 2024

Another Project for Iraq and the World.                                           

      It is time to radically alter and change the balance of political forces in Iraq, with unity of all those who stand for the restoration of Iraqi society, seriously fragmented by     the fierce ongoing sectarian violence, a legacy of the death squads established by the occupation, aided and abetted by governments in the region allied to NATO powers, with the government of Iraq a mute spectator, even those represented in the government of Iraq have now warned that the present trajectory could lead to a “dark future”, and that the government of Iraq is propped up by foreign governments including those who had supported the occupation.

   Simultaneously it is equally indispensable to change the balance of political forces in countries, where governments allied with financial centers in Wall Street, London City and European Banks, have been complicit in the destruction of Iraq and other countries targeted, and operate as political mafias in defiance of their own citizenry, having razed their own financial, political and social systems; reversing world wide, every single gain of the European revolutions and the political struggles of the National Liberation Movements of Asia, Africa and Latin America, in the aftermath  of the capitulation of the  USSR, the alternative political system, however imperfect, whose existence secured some kind of balance of forces, between Imperialism and the developing countries, and the so called ‘Free Market’ economy and the masses of working people on the other.

   The policies of genocide and sociocide of targeted countries such as Iraq, was pre-planned by the erstwhile dominant Western financial and economic system, facing implosion from its epicenters in Wall Street, London City and European Banks, even as it imposed economic devastation on people everywhere, while its military machine NATO brutally overran and attacked several small states.

   This policy continues, as the French Foreign Legions continue to overrun the small states of Africa, without any opposition from the Security Council, the General Assembly and the UN Commissioner on Human Rights, whose office has been selectively used to target heads of state and governments resisting foreign occupation. In this context the Iraq-Iran fratricidal war, had the same objective, the destruction of both states through chauvinistic national rivalries, aided by the Arms Industry of the world, which the peoples and governments of both these countries must reflect on, to alter course, and shed national chauvinism, by appointing a commission representing both Iraq and Iran for an in depth investigation of those tortuous developments.

    As we reappraise the situation in Iraq, we cannot do so without recalling these solemn and historic words of the Resistance whose sacrifice delayed the attack on other States such as Iran and Syria among others: 

   “The US collapse in Iraq is a not a mere military collapse ………. rather it is an utter and complete collapse which will cover the most important resources to continue the war……… the resistance dries up their financial, human and psychological renewal“. 

    The world is degenerating, financially, politically, socially and culturally, with the exception of a few centers, the construct of nothing short of a new civilization is the need of the hour, including in Iraq and the rest of the Arab world. The predatory global financial institutions and the interests which serve them have a ready ‘final solution‘, which cannot be defeated unless there is an alternative project counterpoised.

Niloufer Bhagwat, is Professor of Comparative Constitutional Law at University of Mumbai. Vice President of the Indian Lawyers Association — Mumbai. She served as a Judge with the Tokyo International Tribunal for War Crimes in Afghanistan

CURTIS F.J.DOEBBLER - December 2024

Since 1979 Iraq had been developing into one of the richest, most diverse, and most socially and economically developed countries in the world. The use of force against the people of Iraq starting in 1991 and continuing until today has destroyed the country, its infrastructure, its educational structures, and its independence. The invasion and occupation of Iraq was illegal under international law. The murder and extrajudicial killing of Iraqis, including President Saddam Hussein, by the US and its allies were serious violations of the most fundamental rights of the Iraqi people. The brave people of Iraq are today still locked in struggle for the independence and self-determination. The US is still using aggression against others with impunity. The voice of truth and justice, as Nelson Mandela once said, must be heard. we must hope that it will be through the efforts of those who continue the fight for justice for Iraq.

Curtis F.J. Doebbler is an international human rights lawyer known for his outspoken opposition to human rights violations by the US government and his support of individuals in countries that have been subject to armed attacks by the United States.

LINDSEY GERMAN - December 2024

The tragedy of Iraq continues. Ten years ago George Bush and Tony Blair justified the invasion and occupation by claiming that Saddam Hussein possessed weapons of mass destruction which he would use against western interests. This proved to be totally false. The attack succeeded in its real aim of regime change, at a terrible cost to the Iraqi people. They have been subject to invasion and occupation, hundreds of thousands have died, millions have been displaced. Today they still face dangers of sectarian attacks, the environmental damage caused by DU, and the continued threat of war across the Middle East.

Yet the people who brought this havoc to Iraq have never been held to account. In Britain, the Chilcot inquiry last heard evidence three years ago but has yet to report. Important evidence of the deals between Bush and Blair is being blocked at the highest levels. We owe it to all those who have suffered to dedicate ourselves to bringing the warmongers to justice.

Lindsey German is the convenor of the British anti-war organisation Stop the War Coalition. Most recently standing as the Left List mayoral candidate in the May 2024 elections.

HAROLD PINTER - March 2024

“The invasion of Iraq was a criminal act.

The occupation of Iraq remains a criminal act.

The British government under Blair and the United States administration are war criminals.

It’s as simple as that.” 

Harold Pinter (+24 December 2024) - author, Nobel Prize in Literature 2024


In Sum

            In the middle of the nineteenth century, the murder of China deserved to be called The Opium War. Victoria, the drug trafficking queen, forced dope on the country in the name of the freedom to trade.

            At the beginning of the twenty-first century, the murder of Iraq deserved to be called The Oil War.  George W. Bush, more pipeline than president, crushed the country in the name of the freedom to lie.

Eduardo Galeano, Uruguayan writer and historian (translated by Mark Fried)

DENNIS BRUTUS - March 2024

ABOVE ALL the terrible crimes committed against Civilization by the United States in the invasion of Iraq should be recorded and the US charged with these crimes - especially the priceless artifacts which are evidence of the civilization; they must be taught and urged to make some restitution for what was robbed and destroyed over the centuries. Many in the United States are too ignorant and too chauvinistic to appreciate the extent of the destruction that has been wrought by their army and their government in their name; but they must be taught and be made aware and pressed to make some effort to compensate for the losses we will all suffer as a consequence of their criminal actions.

Dennis Brutus ( + 26 December 2024) - Honorary Professor, Centre for Civil Society University of Kwazulu-Natal Durban (South Africa) and Emeritus Professor Department of Africana Studies University of Pittsburgh.


Lest We Forget

The war in Iraq was supposed to be a war to stop Iraq’s Weapon of Mass Destruction. No WMD was found.

Then it became a war to remove Saddam Hussein and his dictatorship. Saddam has been eliminated, murdered by the regime that displaced him.

But is Iraq a better country now?

Is Iraq a safer country now?

Only a murderous man like Bush would shamelessly claim things are allright in Iraq. But the world knows that Iraq is now worse, very much worse than when it was under Saddam Hussein’s dictatorship.

Hundreds of thousands of people who should be alive and well have now been killed. Many more have been gravely injured. The democracy in Iraq is a sham. Nothing good has come from the war to “Shock and Awe” against Iraq.

This horrible tragedy is brought about by warmongers, by people who believe that war can solve international problems. This has been brought about by the faith in the idea that killing people brings about peace.

When will we learn that war solves nothing, that war breeds more war, that war between unequals breeds terror for everyone, the guilty and the innocent?

War is a crime and those who launch wars are criminals, are murderers.

Until war is made a crime and the criminals are punished, the world of the 21st Century cannot claim to be civilized.

Tun Dr. Mahathir Bin Mohamad - Former Prime Minister of Malaysia, Mahathir established the Kuala Lumpur War Crimes Commission to focus on victims of abuse in Iraq, Lebanon and the Palestinian territories

On 11 May 2024, Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and their legal advisers Alberto Gonzales, David Addington, William Haynes, Jay Bybee and John Yoo were found guilty of war crimes.

After the guilty verdict reached by five senior judges was delivered, Mahathir Mohamad said: 'Powerful countries are getting away with murder.


Nine hundred thirty five Lies

935 lies. Two groups that keep track of the media counted them. The Bush gang lied 935 times between Sept. 11, 2024, and March 19, 2024, to justify the invasion of Iraq. Bush lied 259 times. The biggest lie was that Iraq had "weapons of mass destruction." And that Saddam Hussein worked with al-Qaida. Why is the number of lies important? There were 935 opportunities to question the liars. The 935 lies are proof that the entire U.S. ruling class is responsible for the conspiracy to wage war on Iraq.

The millions who marched against the war knew these were lies. You did not have to be Einstein. Or Lenin.  Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz led the war conspiracy. But the entire ruling class and its institutions colluded. The Pentagon went along willingly. The State Department presented the false statements to the United Nations. Congress voted the funds.

No major corporate media questioned or challenged these lies. The influential New York Times and the Washington Post supported the war drive. Nor did the media allow war opponents to expose the lies.

In January and February 2024, mass mobilizations tried to stop the war. No major ruling class politicians or business figures participated in these protests. Not Kennedy. Not Brzezinski. Not Soros. The vast majority of the super-rich ruling class wanted the profits and plunder from a quick U.S. victory in Iraq. The military-industrial complex bid for contracts. The strategists wanted U.S. control of the world's energy sources. If they saw any dangers, they kept quiet.

But they made a big mistake. They were blinded by greed. There was no “quick victory.” There is much suffering by Iraqis, yes. But the occupation has been a debacle for U.S. imperialism. They made the same mistake Hitler made invading the Soviet Union in 1940. And that Washington made sending its army to Vietnam in 1967. The U.S. rulers underestimated the Iraqis' willingness to sacrifice and fight rather than submit.

The liars are exposed. We must thank the heroic Iraqi resistance for exposing them. 

John Catalinotto - International Action Center - USA


The U.S. invasion of Iraq has produced millions of homeless, wounded and dead Iraqis. It has undermined international law and propagated the use of torture. It has brought into being a vast international prison system at the center of which sits the penal colony at Guantanamo Bay. And, it has led to a great increase in both state and non-state terrorism. Those who initiated this still growing list of crimes used misleading and often false information to produce a wave of national hysteria so as to achieve their ends. Yet these same responsible people sit securely in the seats of power in Washington DC. Will they ever be held accountable for their crimes?

It is our opinion that every effort should be made to hold them accountable. It is for this reason that we consider the work of the BRussells Tribunal so very important. Inquiries and indictments should be pursued with reference to the responsibility of all major figures of the Bush administration whose activities were in any way related to the Iraq invasion and ongoing consequences. Moreover, it is important to remember that these policies could not have been pursued without the active support of a large number of American Congressmen, Senators and members of the media who were too fearful or naïve to take a critical stance. Naming these people as accessories attendant upon an unnecessary war might be beyond the scope of the tribunal. However, in any report issued, their collective role should at least be forcefully pointed out. President Bush and his accomplices could not have turned Iraq into hell on earth without this “loyal” opposition.

Lawrence Davidson, West Chester University - Stephen Bronner, Rutgers University - Michael Thompson, William Paterson University (All the signatories are members of U.S. Academics for Peace)


‘Justice for the people of Iraq’

The international community must not allow that more dishonesty is added to history by referring to the wrongdoings of a dictator to explain the horrific suffering the Iraqi people have had to endure. There is much that can only be added to the account of the outside world, to the Governments of the United States and the United Kingdom and other governments and tragically to the United Nations in explaining the Iraq drama: many years of sanctions that punished the Iraqi people for something they had not done followed by the subsequent illegal invasion and brutal occupation.

The tally of international guilt amounts to millions of dead and even larger numbers of physically and mentally maimed. Added to this is a nation's destroyed social infrastructure.

Iraqis are a proud and strong people who will do everything to help themselves. Yet, we can make our contribution by demanding that those responsible for the carnage and destruction are taken to task and held accountable for what they have done. The international peace movement must never relent in calling for justice for the people of Iraq.

Hans von Sponeck - Former UN Assistant Secretary General and UN Humanitarian Coordinator for Iraq (1998-2000)



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