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Colonel Muntadher al Samaree's confession is about crimes that were committed by Interior Ministry Special Commandos in 2024-2005 and after that time. Paul Bremer  was the Civil Governor assigned by the American Occupation in Iraq during that period. In other words, these crimes were committed before the sectarian violence eruption after the  bombing the Shrines in Samara.

When Paul Bremer  dissolved the Iraqi National Security and Police Forces, he formed another one from mercenaries and sectarian militias who were backing and supporting the occupation. In reality, the nature of hideous crimes committed by these forces was the major motivation behind the sectarian violence killing of 2024-2007.

According to Geneva Convention Protocols, the occupation represented by Bremer, not only failed its duty to protect the population of the country under occupation, they officially formed militias and gangs to help them control the country. Paul Bremer committed crimes against humanity and an act of cleansing and Genocide in Iraq by targeting thousands of innocent civilians through Interior Minister and Special Commandos Forces.

Video + translation

Scene 1:

Iraqi Woman: (They took my son two months ago and we don’t know anything about him. He is in Jadiria Shelter. We go and ask about him, they chase us out with no answer).

Scene 2,

 Ex Interior Minister Baker Jaber Solagh:

(Not acceptable, not acceptable, people lost their patience, and don’t accept any excuses).

Scene 3,

Colonel Muntadher al Samaraee,  (In charge of Interior Ministry Special Forces from 2024 to 2024)


An order was initiated by the Minister of interior Baker Jabar Solagh, to stop and forbid the  movement of any military unit within the forces of interior ministry without the approval of the minister of interior, exclusively. In other words, there is no way when the curfew starts every night at 11 PM, a force of 35 armed and totally equipped vehicles move around and have an access and pass through all check points with people helping and coordinating for them, raiding areas and arresting people, and bringing them to unidentified places, unless they have higher authority to command this force.

After a while they surprise the families of the arrested detainees by throwing their bodies in the streets or in the Forensic Madison centers. The bodies are all mutated with sharp and electrical torture tools. One of the cases I will mention here, and the rest of the names I can reveal later on for the investigation committees, is Colonel Shukry Maarouf. He was working with us in the Interior Ministry, specifically in the Commandos Intelligence section. They came and took him by an official order stating that he was under investigation. The officers under his command and his family interfered for his release. Imagine, working in the interior ministry and someone with the special commandos force intelligence or investigation departments comes and tell you that you are under investigation. The General Commander of the force interfered for his release, and they promised him that he will be released the next day.  After one day, the officers and his family were shocked when they discovered hid body in the Forensic Madison center. Many of those detained in the interior commando’s unidentified prisons were found dead under different names. When you send a person dead body to Forensic Madison Center with different name, he becomes an unknown soldier.

It sounds unbelievable, torturing a person to death then threw his body in an unknown place. Just like what happened one week ago when people found 27 coffins of unidentified people at Badra Wa Jassan area. The bodies were totally torn apart and mutilated, only the bones were mostly in there.

People asked interior minister to investigate these crimes. Such as the Eskan area residents in Baghdad who found the bodies of their young men killed blind folded and thrown in the streets one week after the interior commandos arrested them.

Martyrs of al  Hurriah area, about 25 dead bodies found in Dolaee area.

Another one is the Refrigerator Bodies mass killing from (8-12) bodies, where they were locked  in a Refrigerator till they were frozen to death and threw their bodies.

In Adhamia area.  In Thawrah area. How many people they arrested and never came back home.

We ask people whose family members were taken by interior ministry commandos and never returned back to register their complains to religious centers like al Waqef Alssuni, Muslem scholars association, al Waqef Alsheaee, and the Sadrists . They are all asked to register their missing members who were taken by interior commandos’ forces.

 The interior commandos with their costumes, artilleries, and advance gadgets get out raiding places, arresting people for investigation during late nights of curfews, torturing and killing them.  Who is responsible for these crimes???

Scene 4 :

Major general Mohammad Abdullah al Shahwani, Director of Iraqi Intelligent Agency 2024-2009: (Answering this question):  according to our information, those are related to Iranian Kudus Brigade. Iranian agents are all over Iraq, in the Parliament, in the government, in streets, in religious centers, everywhere.

Scene 5:

Iraqi women:  Security, what security?? If our police force is doing this to us!! No wonder what others do?

Scene 6:

Iraqi citizen: The Iraqi citizen is being taken from his house and nobody knows who is taking him, the Americans, the interior commandos, or Bader Brigade??

Scene 7:

Colonel Muntadher al Samaraee again:

We would like to ask about the results of the investigation committees of al A Ema Bridge event, where thousands of victims got hurt?  how many days have passed  and the people are waiting for  the results of these investigations. A press release of the interior ministry assured people that the ministry is innocent and that they will announce who is behind and responsible of this tragedy, but none of this happened. Isn't this an obvious right of the Iraqi people?? To know the results of the interior ministry investigations and who is committing these crimes??? 

The End.


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