What is The Aim of Al-Maliki Government?

by Eman A. Khamas on 15-02-2014

Why does Al-Maliki follow the steps of the occupation and all its brutal policy ,criminality and destruction?

An occupation has no identity, or nationality, it only has a desire to prevail, as demonstrated by the Iraqi government nowadays. Every attitude, policy, media and diplomatic justifications, even the tiniest details, are only a transcript of the behaviors of the occupation led by the United States against Iraq during the last ten years, and what the Zionist occupation has been doing in Palestine about a century ago. Thus, the Iraqi government is an occupation government, in word and deed.

A fast comparison between the news that is floating on the surface- because this is just the tip of the iceberg- confirms that the two occupations are just the same. The American occupation was built on lies to cover the real motivations to terminate the national Iraqi State; it practiced terrorism under the pretext of fighting it, while terrorism didn’t even exist in Iraq in the first place. This was ended with assigning a puppet government under their authority, implementing their project, no wonder it’s a transcript of them. If there was some justice in the current world order since the WW2, those who planned and implemented the occupation would have been behind bars now, so is the international attitude towards the policy of this government. The Security Council ,who provided the legal cover for the occupation after its start , is now supporting a policy of a fascist retarded government, who is slaughtering its people like sheep in a slaughterhouse-as Struan Stevenson the Chairman of the Iraq Committee in the European Parliament described it. Stevenson described what the government of Al-Maliki is practicing, genocide, and mass executions, not only metaphorically speaking, but literally. The Iraqi government has accused some of the areas in Iraq of terrorism, and bombed the unarmed citizens with artillery, aviation, missiles and incendiary internationally banned weapons (exactly like what the occupation did).It also takes the prisoners immediately to the gibbet,no investigation, trial or any kind of legal procedure, rather; it terminates the wounded, and representing the corpses of the victims ,not to mention the hundred thousands of the families who were displaced.

Worse than that- if there’s worse- the government goes on its policy in imposing the civil war by force on its people, as a first step to divide Iraq, turning it into small cantons ,ruled by anyone, for the behalf of the regional expansive imperialism-imperialism is not only for the superpowers as the traditional left people fancy. What is the meaning of Al-Maliki decision to turn certain districts into independent governorates? Not only that; people in some areas in Baghdad demanded to get their independence! Isn’t that division? Have all the misfortunes ended; those misfortunes the Iraqis suffer due to the occupation and its governments; the insecurity, unemployment, corruption that burst the eyes before the nose, the absolute injustice, the absence of the authority of the state ,and any developmental project ,and the cultural degradation ?Al-Maliki forgot all that, and started to think of creating new governorates. If he considered paving one street in one of those cities, but….. NO! Speaking of which, I remembered a joke; familiar by the people in Karbala ( whom Al-Maliki thinks he gets their support ).The joke talks about a street, which doesn’t exceed few hundred meters, the government has been spending millions of dollars on it during the last six years , but it hasn’t been paved yet.

But ,the question that arises itself in – perhaps- some naivety; if the aim of occupying Iraq was to terminate the Iraqi State, since it’s an obstacle in the way of the Zionist-American strategic project, why does Al-Maliki follow the steps of the occupation and all its brutal policy, criminality and destruction? Maybe the readers remember how the American occupation claimed that it drawn Al-Qaeda, assembled it and hit it through the occupation of the country.

The Iraqi government did the same: few days ago, Hasan Al-Shammari, the Minister of Justice confessed that they released some of the armed group leaders, in a spectacle operation of smuggling prisoners from the two prisons in Abu-Ghraib and Al-Taji. After a short period, there was news about the entrance of 5000 armed men ( from Syria, not from Iraq) – here we are talking about the escaped Syrian civilians who fled their houses due to the criminal bombing of Bashar Al-Asad regime. Now the Iraqi government is killing, destroying and committing crimes, in the pretext of “ fighting terrorism”.

Isn’t the picture clear in the two similar scenarios? To open the gate to the terrorists, then killing the civilians, in the name of fighting terrorism. It is worth to mention that I’ve searched seriously for something that might be the real reason that pushes the Iraqi government to practice such a criminal behavior. I found nothing; the government just goes on in completing the occupation plans in making Iraq a fully paralyzed country, so the Iraqis think of nothing but to earn their living in the least manner, walking beside the walls, and saying ( God please protect us),thus no one of them could ever dare to demand the simplest rights.

The question is always the same; why?

Of course the answer isn’t in the religious, or the ethnic, or the sectarian or the class ideologies, which are only ideological frames to move the people towards a certain direction without another through practicing an authority .In other words; the sectarianism-in this case- is not the end, but the means or the cover. That’s why no sane person can believe the stories of injustice narrated by the occupation ,particularly because the occupation governments in Iraq practiced brutality on everyone, whether those victims support the occupation, or stay silent against the oppression of the government, regardless of the victims’ ideological orientation. It went deeper in the policy of darkness, ignorance, obscurantism ,returning Iraq centuries backwards.

The government went even deeper in terrorism; the state terrorism (Allawi started that in Fallujah,and increased by Al-Jafari and Soulag), not to forget Al-Maliki in terms of judicial corruption, buying off,trading the people’s lives, and mass executions. There’s the terrorism of the militias which belong to the parties of the state,which turn the armed forces ( the army, the police,the special forces in all naming) into militias wearing official government uniforms.They wander in the streets ,day and night,with their slogans, flags,and loudspeakers, insulting and provoking people. We can’t forget mentioning the assassination gangs, that are armed and trained in Iran or by Iranian forces in Iraq. Also, the “ mysterious” explosions campaigns, claiming that the “Takfiris” and the “Saddamis”  implemented them. The government wasn’t able to know their identities and sue them, and this serves as an enough reason-if the government respects itself- to move away, but this is the pathological desire to prevail, it’s the culture of revenge, hatred inherent in the souls, which make them slaves for the occupation, who terribly exploited them in its crimes against the people, serving its strategic interests in controlling the world, while others exploit that in their expansive projects of power and dominance.

Dr.Eman Ahmed Khammas - Iraqi writer


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