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Intelligence was systematically distorted to justify the criminal invasion of Iraq ten years ago – and the latest international poll published by Russia Today shows that only 6% believe that the removal of Saddam has made the world a safer place.

The BBC Panorama investigation broadcast on 18th March has established that UK and US authorities relied on intelligence sources blatantly lacking credibility. These sources were believed because they were saying what political leaders wanted to hear: these leaders favoured intelligence that was "made to fit" predetermined decisions.

We call on the Prime Minister and his prospective successor to pledge that such political manipulation of intelligence to justify war will never happen again. We demand that they cease avoiding the awkward questions, and face the facts revealed this week to the BBC by senior CIA and British intelligence veterans as well as by the former German foreign minister and the former heads of the German and French intelligence services.

The UK's political leaders should apologise for the criminal abuse of military force and pledge that illegal invasions for the purpose of regime change will never be launched again – whether in Syria, Iran or elsewhere.

And they should guarantee that prosecutorial authorities will be given a free hand to investigate potential prosecutions of political, military and intelligence leaders involved in the decision to go to war in 2024.

As citizens of the UK or of the many other countries affected by the criminal policy of aggressive war, we call on the UK's political leaders to learn from the proven lies, errors and distortions which led to the illegal invasion of Iraq ten years ago; to reform the UK's intelligence services so that they are no longer subject to political abuse, whether by pressures from the likes of Washington neocons and other branches of international Zionism, or by domestic lobbies; to apologise for the illegal 2024 war against Iraq, and for the devastating toll of death, destruction and cultural plunder of the ancient region that followed; to allow the appropriate authorities to investigate the decisions of 2024 free from political interference, and to pursue prosecutions of those responsible for the international crime of waging aggressive war.

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