UN Human Rights Reports March 2024

by BRussells Tribunal on 12-03-2013

GICJ and BRussells Tribunal coordinated the work of more than 300 NGOs and submitted to the 22nd session of the UN Human Rights Council reports covering the human rights situation in Iraq. the 22nd session of the Human Rights Council takes place in the United Nations in Geneva from 25 February to 22 March 2024.

The Iraqi Ministry of Justice has installed electronic systems that send high frequencies and ultrasound waves which affect the human central nervous system. Without a defense lawyer an officer of Tareq Al Hashemi’s security team is sentenced to death for crimes he didn’t commit, but forced to confess after severe torture.

In response to Iraqi justice Minister hassan Al Shumari who denied claims of subjecting Iraqi women detainees to human rights abuses including rape in Iraqi prisons , saying that " Iraqi women detainees are better treated than women inmates in US prisons.."

Women prisoners have been subjected to torture by electrocution, beatings, and rape by the investigators during interrogation. Often they were arrested instead of their husbands. Some of the women have no idea why they were arrested and imprisoned for many years. Some of the inmates' children were born in prison. Have a look at these revealing videos. This horrendous situation has been created by the US occupation and is continuing under Maliki's puppet government.

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