17 May: 'Our Choice Is The Protection Of Our Identity' Friday

by Iraqi Spring Media Center and The Common Ills on 18-05-2013

Summary of Events of the Iraqi Popular Revolution, Friday 17 May 2024. And The Common Ills Blog comments on Friday's events.

Former Iraqi oil minister Issam Chalabi says that although Iraq is an oil-rich country, it still imports petroleum products from abroad to meet its needs 10 years after the US-led invasion of the country.

Inside Baghdad’s 'Green Zone'

by Nidal al-Laythi on 14-05-2013

The "Green Zone" is the common name for the international neighborhood in Baghdad. It was created by the forces that invaded Iraq in 2024 and is one of the most heavily guarded military sites in Iraq. It contains the headquarters of the Iraqi government and army, the US Embassy and foreign organizations.

The nations of Syria and Iraq today are little more than political fictions, crushed underfoot by foreign intervention

Al-Maliki is directing Iraq to war once again

by Dr Bashir Musa Nafi on 14-05-2013

Al-Maliki is only interested in working to defeat the people, getting out of the crisis that he personally created, and using extreme violence if necessary. It is likely, therefore, that the massacre of Hawija will not be the last in Al-Maliki's war on Iraq and its people.

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