We followed with great concern what one of the Hizbollah brigades � the Islamic Nahda in Iraq � the so called Wathiq al Battat has declared since February 4th, 2013 until this moment, to create local armies -outside the official army of the state - to support the government inclinations to combat its enemies.

The illegal war launched by the US-UK led �Coalition of the willing� clearly fits the Nuremburg definition of a Crime against Peace. Such a war must have legal consequences for the aggressors and for the rights of its victims under international law. The International Anti-Occupation Network calls for 2013 to be a year of campaign for ACCOUNTABILITY AND JUSTICE FOR IRAQ.

Fallujah Revisited

by Haifa Zangana on 31-01-2013

The Iraqi city of Fallujah, which 9 years ago became a symbol of heroic Iraqi resistance against the brutalities of the US/UK occupation, is now at the forefront of another battle.

As the Iraqi Thawra revolution enters its second month of protests, the al-Maliki government responded today with both savage violence and repression around Iraq when confronted by Friday�s �No Retreat� rallies.

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