NewsSheet No.10

March 22

Main Events:

  • Government forces prevent citizens from getting to the Imam al A’adham Mosque – Abu Hanifa – in Al A’adhamiya.
  • Government forces in Diyala shut off entrances and exits to and from Jallawla’a, tp prevent Unified Friday Prayers, NO, TO GOVERNMENT OF CHAOS AND BLOOD.
  • Security forces prohibit worshippers from Unified Prayers in Hay Al Rifa’ie, on the right bank of Mosul City.
  • Protestors in Pride and Dignity Square in Ramadi beatup infiltrators, handing some of them over to the Police.
  • Government supporters egged some infiltrators to spoil the protests by making false statements and telling lies without any basis of truth, to government T.V. channels.
  • Delegations from Al A’adhamiya, Al Sayddiya and Al Itafiya participate in Al Anbar protests.
  • Arrest of activist, Mohammed Al Saba’awi while heading towards Al Ahrar Square.
  • Protestors hold Maliki responsible for the bloodshed and bombings in the country.
  • Government forces in Sammarra’a raidShaikh Mohammed TahaHamdoun’s home with great popular anger for targeting the City’s symbols.
  • Witnesses: heavy deployment of government forces in Al Youssifiya and Al Laifiya to prevent citizens attending Unified Prayers.
  • ResignationNinevah of Deputy Governor Shaikh Faisal Humaidi Al Yawer in solidarity with the protestors.


Today’s Statistics:

- Numerous unified Friday Prayers were held in Baghdad and several Iraqi Provinces while the Iraqi Spring Media Center documented most of these Prayers through a network of correspondents throughout Iraq and were as follows:




1.Ninevah -  Al Ahrar

2.Ninevah  - Hay Al Ma’amoun-Al Ma’amoun Mosque

3.NinevahCorniche- Al Khedher Mosque

4.Ninevah - Hay Al sukkar-Al Rahma  Mosque

5.Ninevah -  Hay Al Wihda-Al Raqeeb  Mosque

6.Ninevah - The First Qadissiya – Al Eman Mosque

7.Ninevah - Nimrod-The Great Mosque

8.Ninevah  - Al Qayyara-Al Zawiya Mosque

9.Ninevah  - Al Ba’ajj-The Great Al  Ba’ajj Mosque

10.Baghdad  - Al A’sdhamiya-Al Imam Al A’adham Mosque

11. Al Ramadi - Pride and Dignity Square

12.Al Ramadi   - Falluja

13.Al Ramadi  - Hadeetha- Opp. Al Haqqlaniya Secondary School

14.Al Ramadi - A’ana–Square next to Sports Ground

15.Al Ramadi  - Al Obaidi – al Mustafa Mosque Courtyard

16.Al Ramadi Rawa – Rawa Sports Ground

17.Al AnbarAl Qaim – Near Railway Track


19-Sallahudeen  Tikreet


21.Sallahudeen Al Dhuluiya

22.Sallahudeen  Al Shirqatt

23.Sallahudeen Al Dour – Omar bin Abdul Azeez Mosque


25.DiyalaBaquba-Sariya Mosque

26.Diyala  Al Muqdadiya- Hay Al Mualimeen

27.DiyalaJallawla’a – Abu Hanifa Mosque

28.Diyala  Baled Rouz – Al Hay Al Asri Mosque

29-Diyala  QarraTeppa – Al Sallam Mosque

30.Ta’ameem Kirkuk – Parade Ground



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