First report on the women's prison in Baghdad and the 31 prisoner sentenced to death in that prison under Article 4 terrorism.


... BAGHDAD (Iba) ... revealed the first report on the women's prison in Baghdad and the 31 prisoner sentenced to death in that prison under Article 4 terrorism. Those women have been subjected to torture by electrocution, beatings, and rape by the investigators during interrogation. They had been also raped by the police and officers escorting them during transfer from Tasfirat Jail to the women's prison in Baghdad. Two members of Hammurabi Organization vested the prison under formal approval. The two members are William Warda and Pascal Warda, former minister of environment. They said that death sentenced women prisoners got infected diseases and scabies. They suffer from lack of health care and are not allowed to bathe and change their clothes only once a month, which aggravate their health status. The organization described the children imprisoned with their mothers as ticking bombs, which could be explode at any time, appeal to the state to take the necessary measures about it.

The organization also said in its report that the number of women accused of ordinary crimes, prostitution or death sentenced live inside the prison with kids, some of them is infants.

 She said there are 21 children living within the women's prison in Baghdad, noting that the number of inmates in this prison are 414 between the ages of 20 and 65, of whom sentenced to death, among them Ethiopian and three Syrian, and that they are all complain of great neglect and violence in various ways.

Pascal Warda who led the Hammurabi Organization team that visited the prison said that the conditions of suicide bombing prisoners live miserably and in very intolerable conditions

Warda, who was the former minister of Displacement and Migration in Iraq, said that women inmates are infected with scabies disease that was clearly shown on their bodies. She explained that those women are not allowed to shower and change their clothes more than once a month. . She added that a number of sentenced to death inmates are accompanied by young children.

She said the ages of the children, accompanied by their mother’s prisoners ranging from a few months to four years and without any suitable supplies for them in the prison, such as preschool or kindergarten. . She stressed that such a situation does not exist in any prison in the world. Such prisons are usually with kindergarten for children with educators and experts to help them in their upbringing.   She also stressed that sentenced to death prisoners showed the Organization team members torture and electrocuting signs in places on their bodies, they were subjected to electric shocks and torture during interrogation to extract confessions by force.

She added that the sentenced to death  prisoners have been  raped during the interrogation  by  the interrogators as well as by the military escorts during transferring them several times from Tasfirat prisons to a Baghdad prison. . She said they complain of having been continuously humiliated and abused.

Pascal stressed that the detention cells are too tight, forcing prisoners to rotate sleeping through the night. And about the existence of rape of female prisoners inside the prison,  Pascale Warda said prisoners refused to answer a number of our questions because of fear, but number of them, cited by saying they are selling and buying us and laugh at us without further details

About the description of inmate’s children's issue, Warda pointed out that those children are time bombs. They live with no freedom with their mothers, and not like the rest of the kids. Explaining that this will affect their future psychologically, socially, and converts them to criminals in the future.

In response to torture issue of female prisoners who are sentenced to death, she stressed that they are being raped by investigators and escorts while transferred from prison to prison. Pascal said that though the duration of the visit was limited to several hours, we could not ask all our questions to prisoners, but we got clear answers without harassment due to the questions we asked.


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