The I.A.O.N. categorically rejects the doctrine of humanitarian intervention.

Historically, imperial nations and powerful states have, as a pretext for their military interventions to dominate or colonize other states, clothed their attacks against weaker peoples in noble phrases in order to win public support at home. Nonetheless, these actions clearly defied the principles for peaceful relations between states and were used to legitimize foreign aggression by stronger states. A wolf remains a wolf, even when it is dressed in a sheep´s clothing.

In fact, such interventions have usually worsened the situation, creating numerous refugees and contributed to increased militarization of internal conflicts. It more often worsens the suffering of innocent civilians and prevents the legitimate efforts of the population to challenge the policies of governance of their own rulers.

The example of Iraq is a case in point. The use of lies about weapons of mass destruction as a pretext to justify armed intervention and the changing arguments about liberating Iraqis only underscores the criminal nature of the US-led invasion. The result has been the destruction of the Iraqi state and its institutions. It is only through self-determination that any people can achieve and defend democracy, human rights and social progress.  

The I.A.O.N. categorically rejects the doctrine of humanitarian intervention. This in no way contradicts the solidarity between peoples for progress and social justice and civilian efforts to alleviate human suffering on the basis of respect for and non-interference in the internal affairs of other countries.

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(05-01-2013) To an Unknown Iraqi

(05-01-2013) To an Unknown Iraqi



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