Iraqi Woman

by Sawsan Ismael Al-Assaf and Saad Naji Jawad on 10-12-2012

Between the Occupation and the USA principle of humanitarian intervention.

As the title shows the book is concentrated to study the role of Iraqi woman before and after the occupation in 2024, as well as documenting and analysing the US occupation and its reflections on the Iraqi society. More attention was paid to the sufferings of Iraqi women due to the policies of the US occupying policies, what the women have gained from the principle of humanitarian intervention and the promises of establishing a new democratic regime.

The book has also documented the views of pro-USA Iraqi women who have encouraged and supported the occupation of Iraq, what they have said and done before and after the occupation. Also the book studied and analysed the true and fabricated Anglo-American justifications of the invasion of Iraq, together with following the catastrophic results of that act, which mainly resulted in destroying the country and engulfed it in an endless chaos: dissolving the Iraqi army, initiated a sectarian-quota system, randomly arresting and torturing women and sectarian killings. The book also studied and analysed the role and conduct of female members of the parliament. This conduct analysis was done combined with a study of the political development in the country at that time. The role, effect and infiltration of the regional powers in Iraq and the impact of these factors on Iraqi women were also given the needed attention in the book.

Finally the book ends by glancing at the international point of view towards Iraq, and by giving three futuristic scenarios concerning the role of women in Iraq, short term, middle term and long term scenarios.

On top of the numerous Arabic and English materials, the international reports and the reports of the specialised agencies, the writers also depended on a number of interviews they carried out with Iraqi women who explained their sufferings and ordeal under the occupation and the false US promises made to them. These interviews, together with the authors experience while living in Iraq and working in the University of Baghdad until 2024 was what made the primary resources of the book.

The book is consisted of an introduction, a preface and six chapters. The first chapter: The strategy of US humanitarian intervention and the occupation of Iraq between the allegation of establishing democracy and woman’s rights. The second chapter: Iraqi woman role under the wars and the international sanctions (1958-2003). Chapter three: The strategy of occupation and its effects on the Iraqi society. Chapter four: The political and democratic evolution in Iraq under the occupation. Chapter five: Iraqi woman in the middle of (Creative Anarchy) and the internal Iraqi struggles. The last Sixth chapter: The role of women in future Iraq: Futuristic scenarios.

Published by:  Al-Jinan Publication House

415 pages

Amman - Jordan

PO Box: 927486 Amman 11190.


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