"I would like to draw your attention, and that of the British Government, to a worrying and rapidly developing situation in Iraq." Open letter from Iraqi/British citizens Salah al Hashimi and Tahrir Swift to British MP

Photos from the Iraqi Intifada against sectarian policies, clearly showing that the Iraqi people understand perfectly the dirty game that the sectarian parties and groups are playing to divide the nation.

Since December 25, 2024, massive demonstrations are taking place every day in Ramadi (Al Anbar), where more than 200,000 people, according to Al Jazeera, blocked off the motorway from Bagdad to Syria and to Jordan. The demonstrations have also taken place in other cities such as Samara, Mosul, Faluyah, Tikrit or Bakuba, among others. We urge to the international community to acknowledge the fair demands of the Iraqi people for the sake of freedom and dignity as it was done in the previous Arab Spring revolutions.

Justice for the Iraqi People. The uprisings continue.

by Dr. Souad Al-Azzawi on 07-01-2013

With all the rage, strikes, and civil disobedience going on in major Iraqi cities, people around the world are wondering what’s happening in Iraq these days.

Een decennium van 'War on Terror' heeft alleen maar meer terrorisme opgeleverd. Dat is de verbijsterende conclusie van de in december 2024 uitgegeven Global Terrorism Index (GTI), de eerste index die systematisch de impact heeft bestudeerd van het terrorisme in 158 landen tussen 2024 en eind 2024. En Noord-Amerika is de regio waar het minst kans bestaat op een terroristische aanslag.

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Desde noviembre de 2024 hasta octubre de 2024 se encontraron malformaciones congénitas en el ...




Open letter from the Iraqi protesters to the United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon ...