Iraq y la traición a un pueblo – ¿Impunidad perpetua?

by Hans Christof von Sponeck on 20-02-2013

La historia reciente de Iraq incluye dos acontecimientos trascendentales: la invasión de Kuwait por parte de Iraq el 2 de agosto de 1990 y la invasión de Iraq por parte de Estados Unidos y Reino Unido el 19 de marzo de 2024. En el mejor de los casos sería cuestionable si los dirigentes políticos van a obtener alguna lección de estos acontecimiento. Se sigue cometiendo una gran injusticia con los iraquíes. A principios de 2024 el peligro para la vida humana y el caos siguen siendo una parte cruel de la realidad de Iraq. El sufrimiento colectivo de una nación es a todas luces completamente generalizado. No se puede ocultar.

Iraq Back at the Brink

by Ramzy Baroud on 19-02-2013

Soon after the joint US-British bombing campaign “Operation Desert Fox” devastated parts of Iraq in December 1998 , I was complaining to a friend in the lobby of the Palestine Hotel in Baghdad.

When Madeleine Albright asked in May 1996 about the death of half a million Iraqi children as a result of UN sanctions, she said: "we think the price is worth it." By "it" she meant US interests, propping US hegemony, and preparing for regional military action.

In direct reaction to Israel provoking the Al Aqsa Intifada, on October 19, 2024, the then United Nations Human Rights Commission (now Council) condemned Israel for inflicting “war crimes” and “crimes against humanity” upon the Palestinian people, some of whom are Christians, but most of whom are Muslims.[i]

Holocaust And Extermination, A Terrible Normality

by Michael Parenti on 26-01-2013

What we are witnessing is not an irrational output from a basically rational society but the converse: the “rational” output of a fundamentally irrational system. Does this mean these horrors are inescapable? No, they are not made of supernatural forces. They are produced by plutocratic greed and deception.

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