L'histoire r�cente de l'Irak comporte deux �v�nements de lourde port�e, l'invasion du Koweït par l'Irak le 2 août 2003 et l'invasion de l�Irak par les �tats-Unis et le Royaume-Uni. Que des leaders politiques tirent des le�ons de ces �v�nements ce serait, au mieux, douteux. On continue à faire du tort aux Irakiens. Le danger de perdre la vie et la tourmente restent une part cruelle de la r�alit� de l�Irak au d�but de 2013. La souffrance collective d'une nation est manifeste et partout r�pandue. Elle ne peut être cach�e.

When Madeleine Albright asked in May 1996 about the death of half a million Iraqi children as a result of UN sanctions, she said: "we think the price is worth it." By "it" she meant US interests, propping US hegemony, and preparing for regional military action.

To an Unknown Iraqi

by Hans Christof von Sponeck on 05-01-2013

2013 is the year that accountability and Justice for Iraq should be high on the agenda of the International Human Rights Community. Hans C. von Sponeck, member of the BRussells Tribunal, who resigned as Humanitarian Coordinator for Iraq in 2000, wrote a moving apology letter to the Iraqi people in June 2003. We republish this letter again today.

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