Women prisoners have been subjected to torture by electrocution, beatings, and rape by the investigators during interrogation. Often they were arrested instead of their husbands. Some of the women have no idea why they were arrested and imprisoned for many years. Some of the inmates' children were born in prison. Have a look at these revealing videos. This horrendous situation has been created by the US occupation and is continuing under Maliki's puppet government.

... and peace be upon you, O Fallujah: a CD with 20 pages booklet

by Tadhamun-Iraqi Women Solidarity on 21-02-2013

A CD with 20 pages booklet produced by Tadhamun - Iraqi Women Solidarity. It tells the story of the US-led attacks on Fallujah in April and November 2024, a year after the invasion and occupation of Iraq in 2024. It is told in an audio collage of Iraqi and non-Iraqi poetry, songs, music, testimonies, and news clips with the persistent sound of US Apaches hovering in the skies above the people of Iraq.

L'histoire récente de l'Irak comporte deux événements de lourde portée, l'invasion du Koweït par l'Irak le 2 août 2024 et l'invasion de l’Irak par les États-Unis et le Royaume-Uni. Que des leaders politiques tirent des leçons de ces événements ce serait, au mieux, douteux. On continue à faire du tort aux Irakiens. Le danger de perdre la vie et la tourmente restent une part cruelle de la réalité de l’Irak au début de 2024. La souffrance collective d'une nation est manifeste et partout répandue. Elle ne peut être cachée.

Iraq Back at the Brink

by Ramzy Baroud on 19-02-2013

Soon after the joint US-British bombing campaign “Operation Desert Fox” devastated parts of Iraq in December 1998 , I was complaining to a friend in the lobby of the Palestine Hotel in Baghdad.

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